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Professional Office Suite Available – Old City Hall High quality three room professional office suite is available on the second floor in historic Old City Hall.    


Elm Street Project Pride

The Elm Street Component of the New Communities Program allows communities to integrate a Main Street or downtown revitalization program with a neighborhood renewal strategy that will make it possible to live in a better neighborhood without moving. All projects, no matter how small, have a responsibility beyond simply meeting the needs of their users. They have a public responsibility to add to and enhance the neighborhoods in which they are built.  They improve the social and economic viability and quality of life in a targeted distressed area by helping a community regain vitality.  The Elm Street program builds the capacity of communities to sustain development efforts and to adapt to changing economic and social functions. Bradford’s Elm Street Project area now known as Project Pride includes Charlotte Ave, Bank St., Bradford Place, Barbour St. from 94-134, Cole Ave, Howard St., McClellan St., Merrow Ave, Mechanic from 89-112, Bennett/North Bennett from 1-90, North Center St from 2-75, Osborne Pl, Pearl St. from 5-59, State St., School St. from 5-141, and West Washington from 8-150.

Since January 2007, when the City hired an Elm Street Manager, extensive neighborhood revitalization projects have been undertaken that directly improve the quality of life for residents of Project Pride and the entire community.  Over the past six years the City of Bradford has secured nearly $7 million in federal, state and local funds for comprehensive physical improvements in the Project Pride Neighborhood for property acquisition, housing rehabilitation, facade projects, blight removal, new in-fill housing and streetscape improvements.  To date 38 facade projects have been undertaken resulting in $89,000 in private investment.  Housing rehabilitation projects have been undertaken to correct code violations and improve living conditions for 36 residents with an investment of over $960,000 for low to moderate income residents.  The strategic targeting and leveraging of the various funding sources have realized significant improvements on 90% of the streets located in Project Pride with a total infrastructure investment of over $3.7M in curbs, sidewalks, streets, plantings and lighting.