Professional Office Suite Available

Professional Office Suite Available – Old City Hall High quality three room professional office suite is available on the second floor in historic Old City Hall.    


Housing Programs

Funding from the HOME grant has made it possible to undertake the rehabilitation of owner-occupied properties. These grants are available to low/moderate income owner occupied units and are processed as long as funding is available. The OECD staff continues to take applications for anyone interested or in need of more extensive housing repairs in the 2nd Ward-NPP area.

In addition to seeking housing rehabilitation assistance for low/moderate income homeowners, the 2nd Ward NPP is accepting and processing applications for the facade improvement program. The 2nd Ward-NPP is providing a matching grant of up $10,000 to qualified property owners who are addressing exterior code conditions that contribute to blight in the SWN. Facade improvement grants are available to anyone with property within the designated area providing they are current on all taxes and utilities and can provide proper documentation of ownership and current property insurance. To date we have completed 14 facade improvement projects totaling over $207,000 of improvements that had more than a 50% match in private investment.  We are taking applications on a rolling basis and will be completing projects as weather and funding permits. Facade projects improve the exterior conditions and help to preserve the 2nd Ward Neighborhood’s housing stock by addressing property maintenance issues.

Housing Rehab Application