Downtown Bradford to host Bridal Show

The Downtown Bradford Business District Authority (DBBDA) will host its annual Bridal Show on Sunday, February 19th. Click here for more information.


Residential LERTA Program

Residential LERTA Program

In order to provide residential property owners with an incentive for renovating or rebuilding their property, the City Council has adopted the Residential LERTA program. LERTA, which stands for Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance, allows local taxing authorities to exempt the new taxes resulting from improvements to residential properties.  Types of eligible improvements include:

  • Construction on exterior or interior of structure
  • Reconstruction including alterations and additions
  • New Construction
  • Building additions
  • Ordinary upkeep and maintenance improvement are not eligible.

The Residential LERTA program is available through the cooperation of:  City of  Bradford,       Bradford Area School District and the McKean County Commissioners.  For more information, contact City Hall.  (814)362-3884.

Residential LERTA brochure

Residential LERTA Application form 1

Residential LERTA Application form 2