Streetscape Project in Bradford a Boost for Economic Development

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Second Ward NPP

Neighborhood Partnership Project

All projects, no matter how small, have a responsibility beyond simply meeting the needs of their users. They have a public responsibility to add to and enhance the neighborhoods in which they are built. They improve the social and economic viability and quality of life in a targeted distressed area. The City of Bradford is using an integrated approach for neighborhood revitalization that serves as a launch pad to create linkages between the public and private sector for improved quality of life conditions and the built environment.

Using a combination of community input, mapping information and knowledge developed by performing on-site housing and infrastructure surveys in addition to a neighborhood-wide Community Needs Survey, OECD staff and the NPP Advisory Committee have clearly identified areas that need to be addressed through the use of NPP tax credit funding and other federal, state and private funds.

The DBRC and its private NPP partners are working with the City of Bradford to conduct revitalization efforts and secure funding needed to properly address the needs of the 2nd Ward-NPP. During the first five year NPP, the City’s Office of Economic and Community Development has leveraged the $1.5 million received from the private funding partners to secure an additional $4 million in City of Bradford  federal CDBG and HOME funding, state Keystone Communities and PHARE grants, local and private investment for new housing construction and façade improvements to undertake the elimination of blight and make significant improvements to the housing and street infrastructure of the neighborhood.  These improvements have stabilized the decline of the neighborhood and provided a better quality of life for residents, while making it attractive again for private investment.

Recent awards:  $750K CDBG Competitive Application submitted for additional work in 2nd Ward/NPP area; July 2016 – $500,000 HOME grant awarded for housing rehabilitation in NPP; May 2017 – Award of $500,000 Keystone Communities Development grant for 2nd Ward NPP.