Streetscape Project in Bradford a Boost for Economic Development

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Improvements for all streets include the installation of new monolithic curb, sidewalks, street plantings, decorative stamped concrete sidewalks, signage and residential street lighting (including new poles for banners on Congress Street and Elm Street). The current total for completed streetscape improvements in the 2nd Ward Neighborhood is $498,647 for sections on Congress Street between East Corydon and Elm Street Elm Street between Chestnut and Congress Street. Additionally, a streetscape improvement project for Tibbitts Avenue was completed in 2016. In 2017 KCDG funds have been combined with CDBG funds used for streetscape work on Elm Street between Congress and South Avenue. In January 2016, the City received an award of a $750,000 competitive CDBG to continue streetscape improvements on Park Street, Leland Avenue and Jefferson Street. This project was completed in the late Fall, 2017.  The new sidewalks, curbing, residential and street signage provide safe pedestrian pathways to the City’s downtown business district and the new residential street lighting  alleviates the safety concerns of residents walking in the neighborhood during evening hours, and helps to eliminate crime in the SWN. In addition to the streetscape improvement work, in July 2015, sixteen pole mounted cameras were installed in strategic high crime activity points to assist with ongoing crime prevention efforts in the 2nd Ward NPP area.



Phase IV of the City’s Gateway Improvement Projects has recently been completed.  Phase IV is a streetscape improvement of S. Davis Street from Elm Street to Main Street which involves new sidewalks, curbing, ADA accessible ramps, new streetlights, trees and ‘welcome’ signage to the City’s Nationally and State registered Historic District.

S. Davis Street Streetscape Project