Downtown Bradford to host Bridal Show

The Downtown Bradford Business District Authority (DBBDA) will host its annual Bridal Show on Sunday, February 19th. Click here for more information.


Main Street Program Seeking Public Input

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The Bradford Main Street Program is seeking the public’s input through an online survey. An “image development report” will be based off of the results from the survey that consists of a series of standard perceptual questions community members are asked about their downtown.  The purpose of this survey tool is to get a better idea of how people feel about common attributes that contribute to a “sense of place” within a community.  The questions are based upon a matrix for what constitutes a “place” that was developed by the Project for Public Spaces. “We are in the beginning stages of applying for designation through DCED’s Keystone Communities Program for our Main Street Program,” says Sarah Matzner, Main Street/Elm Street Coordinator. The Keystone Main Street designation follows the principles of the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Main Street Approach. The program is a flexible tool for use in community and economic development for a variety of uses including planning activities, façade grant programs, accessible housing programs, and development grants.

This survey acts as a possible guide in providing direction at the initial stage of the revitalization process and at crucial junctures during the process, such as at the beginning and end of designation, or when significant changes have impacted the community.  

The online survey consists of participants responding by evaluating their feelings and opinions about 43 different factors in five major perceptual categories. These categories include Comfort & Appearance, Economic Uses/Characteristics, Sociability/Community Attitude, Activities and Access/Linkages. Just as important as the individual factors is the extent to which the major categories may be determined to be either a strength or a weakness within the community. It is imperative to note that for the purpose of this survey, undecided responses are counted as negative since it is an indication of a lack of familiarity with the central business district and as such, a negative result. Negativity points to a community that may be in transition, full of opportunity but also sharing the possibility of decline.  However, uncertainty can also be an indication of a lack of awareness or a perceived disconnect of the revitalization effort in the community.  

Click here to participate in the survey.

For more information, contact Sarah Matzner at smatzner@bradfordpa.org or 814.368.7170