Bradford City Police Department

Mission statement: The mission of the City of Bradford Police Department is to enhance the quality of life for our citizens by providing professional and compassionate law enforcement services. We are dedicated to maintaining a safe and secure community through the prevention and reduction of crime, the protection of life and property, and the preservation of peace and order. Our department is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and accountability, and we strive to build positive relationships with the citizens we serve. Through collaboration and partnership with other local agencies and community organizations, we work to create a safe and welcoming environment for all residents and visitors of the City of Bradford.



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Message from the Chief:

Dear Residents of Bradford,

As the Chief of Police for the City of Bradford, I wanted to take a moment to share some important information with you.

Firstly, I want to assure you that the safety and security of our community is our top priority. Our department is dedicated to serving and protecting the citizens of Bradford, and we are committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in all that we do.

We are taking proactive measures to increase our presence throughout the community, and we are working closely with other local law enforcement agencies to share information and resources to effectively combat crime.

However, we cannot do this alone. We need your help to keep our community safe. I urge you to take an active role in preventing crime by reporting any suspicious activity that you may see, and by taking steps to secure your property and belongings. Together, we can make a difference and help keep our community safe and secure.

Finally, I want to thank you for your ongoing support of the City of Bradford Police Department. We are proud to serve this community, and we will continue to work tirelessly to earn and maintain your trust.


Chief of Police

Michael P. Ward 

Commonly Asked Questions

You can print and fill out the form HERE. Then fax it to 814-368-7411 or deliver it in person to City Hall at 24 Kennedy Street. There is a $15 charge for accident reports due once the report is determined eligible for release. Generally your insurance company will make the request payment for you.

We do have a Prescription Drug Drop box in the front lobby of the Police Department and it is available 24/7.

For non-emergency contact you can call 814-887-4911 to reach the McKean County Control, they provide dispatch services for our department.  If you are attempting to contact a specific officer you can call our Department number at 814-368-6133 and follow the voice prompts to leave a voice mail for that Officer.

All parking tickets can be paid at 24 Kennedy St. / City Hall, there is a night drop to the right of the front door for after hour payments. 

K-9 Feature

The City of Bradford Police Department takes great pride in its K9 unit, which plays a crucial role in maintaining public safety. One such dynamic duo within our department is K9 Duke and his skilled handler, Sgt. Seth Shephard. Together, they form an exceptional team that works tirelessly to protect our community. Let’s delve into their story and discover the invaluable contributions they make to the City of Bradford.

The Bond between K9 Duke and Sgt. Seth Shephard: K9 Duke, a highly-trained German Shepherd, and Sgt. Seth Shephard share an unbreakable bond forged through rigorous training and countless hours of teamwork. Their partnership extends beyond the professional realm, as they have developed a deep personal connection based on trust and mutual respect. This bond is the foundation for their effectiveness in combating crime and ensuring the safety of our residents.

Specialized Training and Skills: K9 Duke and Sgt. Seth Shephard have undergone extensive training to acquire the specialized skills necessary for their roles. Duke’s exceptional scent detection abilities enable him to track down suspects, locate missing persons, and detect illicit substances such as narcotics. Sgt. Seth Shephard’s training as a K9 handler equips him with the expertise to effectively guide and communicate with Duke during various operations.

Community Engagement: In addition to their crime-fighting duties, K9 Duke and Sgt. Seth Shephard actively engage with the community. They participate in public demonstrations, school visits, and community events, fostering positive relationships between law enforcement and the public. Through these interactions, they educate community members about the vital role of police K9 units and the importance of public safety.

Assisting Law Enforcement Operations: K9 Duke and Sgt. Seth Shephard frequently collaborate with other law enforcement agencies to support critical operations. Their expertise in tracking suspects, conducting searches, and apprehending individuals provides an invaluable asset to investigations. Their presence serves as a deterrent to criminal activity and enhances the overall effectiveness of law enforcement efforts.

A Message of Gratitude: The City of Bradford extends its deepest appreciation to K9 Duke and Sgt. Seth Shephard for their unwavering commitment to keeping our community safe. Their dedication, professionalism, and relentless pursuit of justice serve as an inspiration to us all. We are fortunate to have such an exceptional team working tirelessly on our behalf. The City of Bradford also extends its appreciation to our Donors, Goerge Duke and the Blaisdell Foundation who made it possible to have our K9 program. All donations are appreciated and help us keep this program strong and active.

K9 Duke and Sgt. Seth Shephard are an integral part of the City of Bradford Police Department, serving as an invaluable asset in maintaining public safety. Their specialized skills, extensive training, and unwavering dedication make them a formidable team. We commend them for their contributions to our community and express our gratitude for their service. The City of Bradford is safer thanks to K9 Duke and Sgt. Seth Shephard’s selfless commitment to protecting and serving our residents.

Common Requests

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