Neighborhood Partnership Program


American Refining Group, Northwest Bank & Zippo Manufacturing, in partnership with the Downtown Bradford Revitalization Corporation and the City of Bradford are again working together to revitalize a Neighborhood in the City of Bradford – the Third Ward.

This is neither the city nor these partners first time overseeing a Neighborhood Partnership Program (NPP) project. The program successfully rehabilitated the Second Ward neighborhood, investing more than $7 million over 10 years.

The NPP aims to improve the quality of life in the chosen areas of revitalization, increase the housing tax base, improve the housing stock, address blight conditions, improve pedestrian safety and promote inviting and walkable neighborhoods.

The first year of a five-year improvement program was completed in 2003 with the acquisition of blighted properties on West Washington Street. Demolition of the properties will make way for the construction of new housing. Seven property owners invested $73,870 in facade improvements with the NPP providing $51,088 in matching funds for a total $124,958.

The first year of a multiple-phase project in Callahan Park included the addition of a new playground facility, new sidewalks, a welcoming entrance area, new basketball and new tennis/pickleball courts scheduled for completion in May 2024. Planning work including the submission of a Safe Routes to School application to PennDot for North Bennett Street Streetscape Improvements and working with Triangle Works on securing financing for a new incubator-accelerator facility in the old McCourt Label Building. $1,505,182 was invested in Year 1 NPP improvements in the Third Ward Neighborhood and Callahan Park.

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