Now Hiring: Executive Director

The City of Bradford OECD is seeking applicants for the position of Executive Director. This position will report directly to the Mayor of the City of Bradford. For more information, please click here.


OECD – Working to Build a Better Bradford . . .

Helping Our Community Thrive…

Most economic development and community development activities in the Bradford area are coordinated through the Office of Economic and Community Development (OECD) of the City of Bradford. The primary mission of the OECD is to promote new community and economic development activity in the Bradford area and to sustain and grow the historic downtown core and its adjoining neighborhoods in the City of Bradford. Local companies planning to expand and grow, and companies considering locating their facilities to the Bradford area should utilize the OECD as their principal local contact. The focus of the OECD’s economic development activities are in the City of Bradford, Bradford Township, Foster Township and Lewis Run Borough.

Providing Resources…

A dedicated staff of economic development professionals is prepared to provide information on available sites, our industrial incubator and multi-tenant facilities, job training opportunities, demographic and wage rates, tax abatement programs, low-interest loans and various state and federal programs designed to promote economic development. As part of its mission to improve the quality of life in the Bradford community, the OECD staff is charged with the following:

  • Development of new housing
  • Housing rehabilitation
  • Improving infrastructure
  • Recreational capital improvements
  • Historic/downtown preservation
  • Neighborhood revitalization

Providing Support

The OECD has an experienced community development staff familiar with a number of state and federal grant programs used to undertake significant community development projects in the Bradford area. The OECD works closely with the Downtown Bradford Revitalization Corporation to administer the Main Street and Neighborhood Partnership Programs to sustain and improve the viability of the City’s state and nationally registered Historic District and its adjoining neighborhood. The OECD also provides staff support for the Bradford Economic Development Corporation to promote economic development activity in the Bradford area.


Various business resources for businesses in the region.


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Residential resources for the Bradford area.


Workforce information for the Bradford region.