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Business Hours: 8:00 AM- 4:30PM

Treasurers Office: 8:05 AM-4:20PM

Population per 2010 census
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Area 3.15 miles

The City of Bradford is located in Tuna Valley, so named for the east and west branches of the Tunungwant (Crooked) Creek that converge in the valley. The City of Bradford is located within Bradford Township in McKean County.

Located 2,225 feet above sea level, the city boasts a strong manufacturing presence as well as a rich history of support for the oil & gas industry. Bradford’s Main Street is part of the flourishing Historic District. The city takes pride in its history, from the mansions along Congress Street left from the area’s booming oil era to the commemorative banners honoring our servicemen and women that hang throughout the city.

Residents enjoy family-friendly festivities year-round, including holiday-focused festivals. Other activities include art exhibitions, musical acts, and twice-annual wine walks. During the summer, lucky visitors may enjoy a tour of beautiful gardens that residents take pride in nurturing each year. Take a look at the community calendar to see what’s happening right now.

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Council Meetings

Second and Fourth Tuesdays at 6:00PM-3rd Floor Council Chambers
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106 (including Police and Fire)

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21 w/Chief

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25 w/Chief