Available KOZ Sites


The goal of the Keystone Opportunity Zone program is to encourage investment in distressed areas by providing businesses with relief from many local and state taxes. Businesses must meet specific criteria set by the state, but once they qualify, property owners will be exempt from most state and local taxes during the term of the KOZ.

State corporate net income, capital stock and franchise and personal income taxes, along with county, borough and school real estate taxes, business gross receipts tax, occupancy and privilege taxes, mercantile taxes and earned income are all waived.

In each zone, state corporate net income, capital stock and franchise taxes are waived for the duration of the program for employers doing business in KOZs. Local governments have agreed to waive local real estate, earned income/net profits and business gross receipts taxes. Employers and residents must be up to date with all state and local tax payments to receive the tax-free status offered by KOZs.

For more information about McKean County KOZs go directly to the States KOZ page.

The OECD maintains data on each KOZ site and inquiries may be directed to Sara Andrews at (814) 368-7170, Ext 3 or email at Sandrews@bradfordpa.org